Transfer paper for water-slide decals (ceramic and organic inks).
Available in 170 gsm in all common sizes.

Mainly used in the ceramic- and glass industry but also in various other fields of manufacturing i.e. for the decoration of motorcycles, bicycles, helmets, surf- and skateboards. Hi-Cal can also be used on plastic, canvas, wood and metal.
Hi-Cal has outstanding properties which are due to it's ridigity and stiffness as well as dimensional stability. This guarantees excellent feeding properties and tight register accuracy in fully automatic screen printing machines.

Hi-Coat imports base paper and chemicals from Japan and Europe.

System Certification ISO 9001:2008 Standard

Ink Jet paper and filmic materials for high resolution print-out in both sheet and roll form for all kinds of         Ink Jet processes (incl. sublimation).
Exclusively available for the Thai market. For further information:

Heat transfer paper for textiles (cold peel).
Available in 90 gsm. Standard size is 635 x 965 mm.



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